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There are different types of clutch but most are based on one or more friction discs pressed tightly together using springs. They separate when you press down on the pedal, to allow you to change gear.
This regular, repetitive action eventually wears the clutch down.Clutch pads are normally made of rubber and usually last about 100,000 miles depending on how the vehicle is driven.

Signs that you need a new clutch
  • Engine revs climb or fall of their own accord
  • The engine revs climb but there is little increase in vehicle speed
  • You have difficulty changing gears
  • There is a grinding noise when you change gears
  • Loss of acceleration as the clutch ‘slips’ or a complete loss of drive

Our staff are trained and experienced in the fitting of clutches so if you’re after clutches in Scarborough, Londesborough Motor Services are your first choice.

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